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People love extreme sports and bulk shopping… at Quest you get BOTH!
Create your own adventure package at the Quest Air - The Super Center of Adventure! Shop for yourself or your Air Apparent, be an adrenaline junkie or we can call you mellow yellow…you have so many choices at Quest, the world’s only Flight Center offering Flyboarding, Hang Gliding and Dragonfly Light-Sport Discovery Tandems!

Hang Gliding Discovery Flight


Dragonfly Discovery Flight

Ground Control to Major Tom!
Get your mile high on!

Surf the Sky with us and our

partners at Absolut Aqua!
On our private Lake.

Have a need for speed that only an open cockpit light-sport aircraft can satisfy?


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Hang Gliding Discovery Tandem

Ever dreamed of surfing waves of wind, winking at nearby eagles, ogling Osprey, or giving rides to hitchhiking hawks?

Cruise from 2000-4000 feet. YOU get to be on top…of the clouds and in the harness shared by our skilled and
USHPA certified tandem instructors. Roam the wide open skies and taste your own personal rainbow
as you ascend slowly into the Florida Skies!



Just when you think extreme sports can’t get any crazier, along comes Flyboarding!
Strap on the Jet Boots and frolic, dip, spin and soar through the air on Quest Lake while Dragonflies and
hang gliders soar above you! In a few short minutes almost anyone can be a superhero!


Dragonfly Light-Sport Discovery Tandem

Barnstorm cloudbase and buzz the birds in our “Great Australian Bush Plane!"
Designed by Quest resident Bobby Bailey, 3 time Red Bull Flugtag winner and most talented dragonfly pilot in the world,
this Rotax powered craft will have you sitting on the lap of Mother Nature. Your playmates are the eagles,
your playground nothing but air!

Quest Tandem Hang Gliding Videos

Flying With Spinner

Tandem Discovery Flight at Quest Air

Flying with Dean

Experience the "Dream of Flight" at Quest Air Hang Gliding in Groveland, Florida.

Hang Gliding is the purest form of aviation.

You will feel the wind in your face and sensations of flight that you may only have ever dreamed about before. Hang gliding flight is very graceful and super exciting all at the same time. This type of flying has be described as pure freedom. The glider flies in a very "bird like" way that emulates the soaring flight of eagles and hawks. You are sure to see birds of many types during a "Discovery Tandem Flight".


Hang Gliding is an amazing and thrilling adventure.
There are many beautiful new vistas and perspectives to be discovered flying a hang glider. Imagine flying with an instructor thousands of feet over Central Florida's forests, lakes, pastures and swamp lands. On most days you can see the Disney Parks, The Tampa Skyline and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico all from the hang glider. You will gain an unmatched sense of accomplishment and excitement as you learn new skills and gain confidence as you pilot a hang glider for the very first time.

Quest Air Hang Gliding is the industry leader.
We have developed every aspect of tandem hang gliding, from the design and creation of the "Dragonfly" Sport-Light aircraft, to all the additional equipment needed for aerotow tandem flight operations. We have also been involved in developing training methods for both students and instructors. Quest Air has become the destination of choice for students and pilots from all over the world. Our instructors are the best in the country, and combined–our staff has hundreds of years of experience in hang gliding, ultralight flying and instructing. We are based out of an airport in Groveland, Florida where we have large grassy runways, shady trees, a beautiful swimming pond and pool all surrounded by Florida's natural beauty. If you're looking to fill out your "bucket list" or wanting to become a hang glider pilot, Quest Air offers you the best in instruction, experience and location.

We Can Make Your Day Special With Our Customized Adventures

Dad’s Day Off

Want to thank Dad for being the Superhero that he is? Give him a day off from the amusement park circuit, soccer practice and yard work! Soap-on-a-rope can’t say “Thanks Dad“ like sending him on his own thrill ride at Quest! Surprise him, or let him choose his own adventure package. Send Dad off, alone or with the boys, with some meat for one of our grills and an iced down cooler full of his favorite frosty beverage. Dad deserves a day off, too!


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Looking for something wicked cool and different to do with the girls? Cooking parties making you fat and cocktail hour enlarging your liver? Ladies, fill your adventure purse with flyboarding, hang gliding and light-sport Dragonfly flight from Quest! Bring all of your “fly” girls and fly with us for an unforgettable Girls Day Out! Bring your swimsuits and enjoy the pool and hot tub when you're done with your flying adventure. Bring something to toss on our poolside grill and mix up your own Cosmos at the pool’s tiki bar! What happens at Quest stays at Quest!


Couple’s Flight

Whether you are newly smitten or still crazy after all these years, a Quest Couple’s Flight is a romantic adventure you will share for a lifetime! Take your romance to an all time high as your sky carriage, the Dragonfly, escorts you to the heavens where you soar side by side on a sunset sky cruise!


We also offer engagement and wedding packages.


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